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alternator click to hear : alternator

Generator of alternating current that is used especially in the automobile industry (powering electrical devices) and in power houses.
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frame shaft drive pulley collector rings brushes field winding armature core claw-pole rotor armature winding fan wheel

frame click to hear : frame

Metal casing that houses the magnetic field.

shaft click to hear : shaft

Rod that is rotated by the pulley, which in turn causes the claw-pole rotor to rotate.

drive pulley click to hear : drive pulley

Mechanical unit integrated with the shaft; it is rotated by a belt that is connected to an engine.

collector rings click to hear : collector rings

Insulated conductor collars that are connected to the coil of the field; they gather the induced alternating electric current.

brushes click to hear : brushes

Conductive parts that rub against the collector rings and transmit the current produced by the alternator to an outside circuit.

field winding click to hear : field winding

Conductive wire on the cylinder rotor; when exposed to an excitation current, it creates a magnetic field.

armature core click to hear : armature core

Fixed cylinder with a winding; the rotor turns within it to produce the electric current.

claw-pole rotor click to hear : claw-pole rotor

Moving cylindrical part made up of a field winding between two pole shoes; it creates the rotating magnetic field required to operate the alternator.

armature winding click to hear : armature winding

Conductive wire on the armature; the rotor moves in front of it to produce an alternating current.

fan wheel click to hear : fan wheel

Device with blades that circulates air to cool the alternator.