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kitchen click to hear : kitchen

Room where meals are prepared under the direction of a chef who is assisted by a kitchen staff.
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waiter back waiter chef dishwasher station chef ice machine hot food table oven hot plate deep fryer electric range gas range hood work top cleaning supplies pot-and-pan sink clean dish table dishwasher prerinse sink dirty dish table

waiter click to hear : waiter

Person who takes the customers’ order, serves the meals and settles the check.

back waiter click to hear : back waiter

Person who clears the tables during and after service.

chef click to hear : chef

Person whose main duties are to manage the kitchen staff, purchase supplies and plan menus.

dishwasher click to hear : dishwasher

Person in charge of washing cooking utensils and dishes.

station chef click to hear : station chef

Person in charge of preparing the various dishes on the menu; specialized staff such as the sauce cook, roast cook and pastry chef answer to the station chef.

ice machine click to hear : ice machine

Appliance with a water source that makes and distributes ice cubes.

hot food table click to hear : hot food table

Counter for keeping dishes warm.

oven click to hear : oven

Appliance for cooking or heating food.

hot plate click to hear : hot plate

Element used to cook food.

deep fryer click to hear : deep fryer

Utensil for deep-frying foods.

electric range click to hear : electric range

Electric appliance for cooking food, equipped with surface elements or griddles and an oven.

gas range click to hear : gas range

Appliance for cooking food, equipped with gas-fed burners and an oven.

hood click to hear : hood

Ventilation appliance expelling or recycling air that contains cooking fumes and odors.

work top click to hear : work top

Flat work surface designed primarily to prepare food.

cleaning supplies click to hear : cleaning supplies

Cupboard for storing cleaning products.

pot-and-pan sink click to hear : pot-and-pan sink

Sink in which pots and pans and related cooking utensils are washed.

clean dish table click to hear : clean dish table

dishwasher click to hear : dishwasher

Appliance designed to automatically wash and dry dishes.

prerinse sink click to hear : prerinse sink

Sink in which dishes are rinsed before being placed in the dishwasher.

dirty dish table click to hear : dirty dish table