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camping equipment click to hear : camping equipment

Range of accessories used when camping to store food, cut wood, etc.
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folding shovel hurricane lamp knife sheath bow saw folding grill hatchet leather sheath

folding shovel click to hear : folding shovel

Tool with a collapsible handle; it is used as a shovel or a pickax.

hurricane lamp click to hear : hurricane lamp

Portable lantern with a glass globe and metal frame to protect the flame from wind and impact.

knife click to hear : knife

Tool consisting of a sharp blade and a handle; it is used to cut items such as rope and fishing line.

sheath click to hear : sheath

Casing to cover the knife blade when it is not in use.

bow saw click to hear : bow saw

Collapsible tool with a serrated blade; it is used to saw wood.

folding grill click to hear : folding grill

Hinged metal utensil used to cook food over a campfire.

hatchet click to hear : hatchet

Small ax used to cut wood.

leather sheath click to hear : leather sheath

Casing to cover the head of the hatchet when it is not in use.