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fitness equipment click to hear : fitness equipment

Material and apparatuses for carrying out exercises aimed at maintaining the physique and increasing muscular strength, flexibility and endurance.
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barbell sleeve collar disk bar

barbell click to hear : barbell

Gym equipment made up of cast-iron disks of various weights attached in equal weights to each end of a long bar, which is lifted with two hands.

sleeve click to hear : sleeve

End of the bar over which the disk slides.

collar click to hear : collar

Metal part that is clamped around the bar on both sides of the disk to keep it in place.

disk click to hear : disk

Cylindrical mass covered with rubber that is attached to the bar; the disks vary in weight from 0.25 to 25 kg.

bar click to hear : bar

Metal pole linking two disks that the athlete grips to raise the barbell; it has ridges to provide a solid grip.