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ground airport equipment click to hear : ground airport equipment

Equipment and materials for preparing an aircraft for its next flight; this includes cleaning, performing checks, refueling and boarding.
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wheel chock boom truck baggage trailer tripod tail support tow tractor

wheel chock click to hear : wheel chock

Object that is placed against the landing gear’s wheels to keep the aircraft stationary when on the ground.

boom truck click to hear : boom truck

Vehicle that is equipped with a bucket at the end of an articulating pivoting arm; technicians stand in it to work on aircraft.

baggage trailer click to hear : baggage trailer

Flat trailer or cart that carries containers in which baggage is transported from the terminal to the aircraft.

tripod tail support click to hear : tripod tail support

Adjustable tripod that supports part of the aircraft (the tail or a wing) when maintenance or repairs are carried out.

tow tractor click to hear : tow tractor

Vehicle that pulls the baggage trailer.