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combine harvester click to hear : combine harvester

Vehicle that harvests seed crops, usually grain; it cuts, threshes and separates the seeds from the chaff.
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divider cutter bar pickup reel bat tooth feeding tube rotating auger straw spreader unloading tube motor cab grain elevator grain tank header

divider click to hear : divider

Unit at the end of the cutter bar that separates the furrow meant to be cut from the others.

cutter bar click to hear : cutter bar

Unit that consists of a metal blade with beveled sections and is of adjustable height; it is used to cut the crop stalks while moving.

pickup reel click to hear : pickup reel

Rotating unit underneath the cutter bar that draws the stalks into the rotating auger.

bat click to hear : bat

Toothed bar that rotates on the pickup reel’s transverse axle.

tooth click to hear : tooth

Prong on the bat that causes the crop stalks to fall.

feeding tube click to hear : feeding tube

Usually rotating unit that regulates the flow of the harvested crop arriving at the thresher, which separates the grain from the chaff.

rotating auger click to hear : rotating auger

Double rotating worm that gathers the harvest to the center of the header, where it is conveyed to the feeding tube.

straw spreader click to hear : straw spreader

Propeller device that spreads hay from the back of the harvester the width of the cut to facilitate plowing the hay under the soil.

unloading tube click to hear : unloading tube

Duct through which the grain is transferred from the tank to a trailer.

motor click to hear : motor

Device converting the combustion of fuel and air into mechanical energy.

cab click to hear : cab

Compartment from which the driver operates the combine harvester.

grain elevator click to hear : grain elevator

Mechanism that conveys the harvested grain to the tank.

grain tank click to hear : grain tank

Container that temporarily stores harvested grain.

header click to hear : header

Trough usually made of sheet metal into which the cut crop is conveyed; from there it is sent through the feeding tube to the thresher.