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department store click to hear : department store

Large store with sections (departments) for various product categories such as clothes, stationery and cosmetics.
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lingerie women’s nightwear swimsuits women’s suits men’s suits neckties men’s shirts running shoes men’s pants women’s shoes men’s shoes

lingerie click to hear : lingerie

Section that sells women’s undergarments and stockings.

women’s nightwear click to hear : women’s nightwear

Section that sells women’s clothing for indoor wear, including sleeping.

swimsuits click to hear : swimsuits

Section that sells women’s swimwear, which comes in one piece or two pieces (bikinis).

women’s suits click to hear : women’s suits

Section that sells women’s suits, which are made up of a skirt and a jacket of the same fabric.

men’s suits click to hear : men’s suits

Section that sells men’s suits (pants, jackets, vests, etc.).

neckties click to hear : neckties

Section that sells neckties, which are worn under the collar for decorative purposes.

men’s shirts click to hear : men’s shirts

running shoes click to hear : running shoes

Section where running shoes made of leather or canvas and rubber are sold; running shoes are designed to be light and flexible.

men’s pants click to hear : men’s pants

women’s shoes click to hear : women’s shoes

men’s shoes click to hear : men’s shoes