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restaurant click to hear : restaurant

Business establishment where people pay to eat a meal prepared on the premises and served at their table; a restaurant’s quality and prices vary depending on the menu.
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wine steward maître d’hôtel barmaid wine cellar pay phone staff entrance staff cloakroom freezer refrigerator buffet store room office bar counter bar stool booth bar customers’ toilets customers’ cloakroom customers’ entrance refrigerators dining room refrigerated display case service table

wine steward click to hear : wine steward

Person in charge of the wine cellar; the wine steward helps customers choose a wine and sometimes serves it as well.

maître d’hôtel click to hear : maître d’hôtel

Person who manages the reservation system, greets customers and supervises the dining room staff.

barmaid click to hear : barmaid

Woman responsible for preparing and serving drinks.

wine cellar click to hear : wine cellar

Cabinet for keeping wine at constant temperature and humidity.

pay phone click to hear : pay phone

Telephone located in public places; it functions when coins or payment cards are inserted into the phone box.

staff entrance click to hear : staff entrance

staff cloakroom click to hear : staff cloakroom

Room near the entrance where employees store their clothes, hats, umbrellas and such.

freezer click to hear : freezer

Appliance that maintains an average temperature of -18°C; it freezes food to preserve it.

refrigerator click to hear : refrigerator

Appliance that maintains an average temperature of 4°C; it is used for storing and chilling food.

buffet click to hear : buffet

Table on which hot and cold dishes are made available so that people can serve themselves.

store room click to hear : store room

Room for storing nonperishable items.

office click to hear : office

Workplace for administrative personnel.

bar counter click to hear : bar counter

Raised narrow counter on which drinks are served.

bar stool click to hear : bar stool

Chair without arms that allows people to sit at the same level as the bar counter.

booth click to hear : booth

Separate compartment for small groups.

bar click to hear : bar

Area with a counter and tables where alcoholic drinks are sold.

customers’ toilets click to hear : customers’ toilets

Premises designed to satisfy basic functions and equipped with toilets and sinks.

customers’ cloakroom click to hear : customers’ cloakroom

Space near the entrance where customers check their coats, hats, umbrellas and such.

customers’ entrance click to hear : customers’ entrance

refrigerators click to hear : refrigerators

Appliances that maintain an average temperature of 4°C; they are used for chilling and storing drinks.

dining room click to hear : dining room

Room designed and furnished for serving meals; its decor often reflects the type of food served.

refrigerated display case click to hear : refrigerated display case

Refrigerated unit for storing cold dishes that are prepared in advance.

service table click to hear : service table

Furniture used for making extra utensils available to staff so they can provide fast service.