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urban map click to hear : urban map

Precise and detailed representation of an area of a city, usually on a large scale.
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park cemetery monument highway district boulevard public building avenue street traffic circle circular route woods river suburbs railroad line railroad station bridge

park click to hear : park

Area of a city where trees are planted; it is used for leisure.

cemetery click to hear : cemetery

Place where the dead are buried.

monument click to hear : monument

Structure that commemorates a historic event or holds aesthetic, religious or symbolic value.

highway click to hear : highway

Large thoroughfare with separate one-way lanes and no crossing streets; reserved for high-speed traffic.

district click to hear : district

Administrative area of a large city.

boulevard click to hear : boulevard

Very large, high-volume thoroughfare connecting various parts of a city.

public building click to hear : public building

Large building that houses public services.

avenue click to hear : avenue

Thoroughfare larger than a street; it services a district or an area of a city.

street click to hear : street

Thoroughfare built inside a city and usually lined with buildings.

traffic circle click to hear : traffic circle

Junction where several roads converge on a roadway that circles a round, central island; traffic moves in one direction only.

circular route click to hear : circular route

High-speed road that circles the downtown area, making it possible to divert traffic away from downtown or connect two outlying communities.

woods click to hear : woods

Small tract of land covered with trees.

river click to hear : river

Major watercourse fed by numerous smaller rivers; it empties into the sea.

suburbs click to hear : suburbs

All the cities surrounding a big city on which they depend economically.

railroad line click to hear : railroad line

Communications route composed of two parallel rails along which trains travel.

railroad station click to hear : railroad station

Collective term for the network of rails and the structures needed to transport travelers and goods by train.

bridge click to hear : bridge

Structure allowing a communications route to span a natural obstacle or another communications route.