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first floor click to hear : first floor

Part of the house closest to ground level.
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glassed roof guard toilet entrance hall steps fireplace living room dining room pantry kitchen dinette patio door sitting room main entrance hall closet stairs laundry room

glassed roof click to hear : glassed roof

Large glassed surface forming the walls and roof.

guard click to hear : guard

Set of bars and a handrail bordering the stairs or the open side of a landing.

toilet click to hear : toilet

Small room consisting of a toilet and a sink.

entrance hall click to hear : entrance hall

Large room providing access to the other rooms in the house.

steps click to hear : steps

Outdoor staircase ending in a landing that leads to the house entrance.

fireplace click to hear : fireplace

Decorative brick installation for burning fires.

living room click to hear : living room

Room designed and furnished for receiving visitors.

dining room click to hear : dining room

Room designed and furnished for eating meals and receiving dinner guests.

pantry click to hear : pantry

Storage place for food not needing refrigeration.

kitchen click to hear : kitchen

Room where meals are prepared.

dinette click to hear : dinette

Part of a kitchen reserved for eating meals.

patio door click to hear : patio door

Window at ground level whose sliding panel serves as a door.

sitting room click to hear : sitting room

Room in which various activities take place, such as reading and watching television.

main entrance click to hear : main entrance

hall click to hear : hall

Entry room for the house.

closet click to hear : closet

Space designated for storing clothes, hats, umbrellas and so forth.

stairs click to hear : stairs

Structural component enabling movement between floors of a house or other structure.

laundry room click to hear : laundry room

Room where laundry is washed.