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convention center click to hear : convention center

Vast building that houses the facilities required to stage a variety of events and meetings.
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conference room break-out room VIP lounge meeting rooms management office administrative offices simultaneous interpretation booth control room auditorium convention hall organizers’ offices movable panel exhibition stand exhibit hall kitchen bar restaurant hall information desk toilets cloakroom security service ticket office entrance unloading dock manual revolving doors

conference room click to hear : conference room

Room that is big enough to hold a relatively large number of people.

break-out room click to hear : break-out room

Room designed for working sessions involving small groups.

VIP lounge click to hear : VIP lounge

Room reserved for distinguished guests.

meeting rooms click to hear : meeting rooms

Rooms used by small groups to hold meetings and discussions.

management office click to hear : management office

Office occupied by the person who manages the convention center’s various services.

administrative offices click to hear : administrative offices

Rooms where tasks related to the management of the convention center are carried out.

simultaneous interpretation booth click to hear : simultaneous interpretation booth

Room set aside for interpreters, who provide an oral translation of a conference.

control room click to hear : control room

Room equipped to control sound, lighting and projection.

auditorium click to hear : auditorium

Hall designed for the public to attend lectures and audiovisual presentations.

convention hall click to hear : convention hall

Large site used for assemblies, banquets, social events, etc.

organizers’ offices click to hear : organizers’ offices

Meeting rooms used by a convention’s organizers.

movable panel click to hear : movable panel

Lightweight divider usually with feet that is used to enclose an exhibition stand.

exhibition stand click to hear : exhibition stand

Area where exhibitors showcase their products or services.

exhibit hall click to hear : exhibit hall

Hall where exhibition stands are set up.

kitchen click to hear : kitchen

Room where meals are prepared.

bar click to hear : bar

Area with a counter and tables where alcoholic drinks are sold.

restaurant click to hear : restaurant

Business establishment where meals are served for a fee.

hall click to hear : hall

Large open space used to access other rooms.

information desk click to hear : information desk

Kiosk that provides information on events and services at the convention center.

toilets click to hear : toilets

Premises designed to satisfy basic functions and equipped with toilets and sinks.

cloakroom click to hear : cloakroom

Space designated for storing clothes, hats, umbrellas and so forth.

security service click to hear : security service

Room equipped with monitors where staff watch over the convention center’s various rooms.

ticket office click to hear : ticket office

Counter where admission tickets are purchased.

unloading dock click to hear : unloading dock

Installation used to unload crates and pallets containing convention articles, equipment, etc.

manual revolving doors click to hear : manual revolving doors

Revolving doors composed of three or four glass wings that pivot around a vertical axis; they are pushed open like a turnstile.