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reception level click to hear : reception level

The ground floor of the hotel.
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front desk unloading dock elevator stairs lounge cocktail lounge screen meeting room food reserves kitchen dining room ladies’ toilet gentlemen’s toilet janitor’s closet laundry linen room office hall lobby

front desk click to hear : front desk

Customer reception area where reservations are taken, room keys are given out and hotel bills are paid.

unloading dock click to hear : unloading dock

Installation for unloading and handling crates of freight.

elevator click to hear : elevator

Mechanical apparatus with a car that provides automated movement of people between the levels of a building.

stairs click to hear : stairs

Structural component enabling movement between floors of a house or other structure.

lounge click to hear : lounge

Room for waiting or relaxing.

cocktail lounge click to hear : cocktail lounge

Room where alcoholic beverages are served for a fee; people can sit at the bar or on couches around low tables.

screen click to hear : screen

White screen on which images are projected.

meeting room click to hear : meeting room

Room used by small groups to hold meetings and discussions.

food reserves click to hear : food reserves

Food stored for future use.

kitchen click to hear : kitchen

Room where meals are prepared.

dining room click to hear : dining room

Hall for eating meals.

ladies’ toilet click to hear : ladies’ toilet

Women’s room designed to satisfy basic functions and equipped with toilets and sinks.

gentlemen’s toilet click to hear : gentlemen’s toilet

Men’s room designed to satisfy basic functions and equipped with toilets and sinks.

janitor’s closet click to hear : janitor’s closet

Room for storing cleaning products and housekeeping supplies.

laundry click to hear : laundry

Room where laundry is washed.

linen room click to hear : linen room

Room for storing linens such as sheets and towels.

office click to hear : office

Workplace for administrative personnel.

hall click to hear : hall

Concourse used to access other rooms as well as stairs and elevators.

lobby click to hear : lobby

Hotel entrance area.