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aquatic and nautical sports image

aquatic and nautical sports
Sports and recreational activities that take place in or on water.

sailboard image

Floating board with a sail; it is used in windsurfing, a sport consisting of gliding on water.

surfing image

Sport consisting of riding the side of a breaking wave on a surfboard.

water polo image

water polo
Sport played in a pool with two teams of seven opposing players who attempt to score points at the opposite goal using a ball.

diving image

Sport consisting of executing simple to complex dives into the water from a platform or a springboard.

swimming image

Sport consisting of swimming a defined distance (which varies depending on the four recognized stroke categories) as quickly as possible.

sailing image

Sport navigation practiced on a sailboat. There are several classes of sailboats and various types of competitions such as regattas and transoceanic races.

canoe-kayak: whitewater image

canoe-kayak: whitewater
Sport of traveling in a canoe or kayak in water ranging from calm to turbulent in a river or man-made course.

rowing and sculling image

rowing and sculling
Sport consisting of a speed race in a straight line over a maximum distance of 2000 m; races take place on calm water in boats designed for the purpose.

canoe-kayak: flatwater racing image

canoe-kayak: flatwater racing
Sport consisting of a speed race in a straight line; races take place on calm water in canoes or kayaks with one or more places.

water skiing image

water skiing
Sport in which the skier is towed by a motorboat and glides on the surface of the water on one or two skis; there are a number of disciplines, including jumping, slalom and figures.

scuba diving image

scuba diving
Sport consisting of descending underwater and swimming around; it can be done holding one’s breath or with scuba gear.