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sports complex click to hear : sports complex

Installations (buildings, playing fields, etc.) that are used for participating in sports.
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marina stands golf course tennis courts competition course basin lane archery range shooting range football field field hockey field arena baseball stadium equestrian sports ring velodrome swimming pool diving well swimming stadium sports hall gymnasium throwing and jumping area athletic track stadium training area

marina click to hear : marina

Port especially designed for pleasure craft such as sailboats and speedboats.

stands click to hear : stands

Structure with tiered seats that is often partially covered; it is for spectators attending sporting events.

golf course click to hear : golf course

Area of natural land designed for playing golf; it features a course of 9 or 18 holes.

tennis courts click to hear : tennis courts

Surface designed for tennis that is made of clay, cement, synthetic turf or grass.

competition course basin click to hear : competition course basin

Man-made basin of regulation size where aquatic competitions such as rowing and canoeing are held.

lane click to hear : lane

Strip bordered by buoys, which mark off a zone reserved for watercraft.

archery range click to hear : archery range

Site designed for target archery using a bow and arrow.

shooting range click to hear : shooting range

Site designed for target shooting using firearms such as rifles and pistols.

football field click to hear : football field

Field covered with natural or synthetic grass that is used to play football.

field hockey field click to hear : field hockey field

Field covered with natural or synthetic grass that is used to play field hockey.

arena click to hear : arena

Building used mainly for ice sports; it houses a skating rink and ancillary amenities such as stands and locker rooms.

baseball stadium click to hear : baseball stadium

Field covered with natural or synthetic grass that is used to play baseball.

equestrian sports ring click to hear : equestrian sports ring

Circuit with obstacles that a horse and rider must negotiate within a set time during an equestrian event.

velodrome click to hear : velodrome

Track designed for cycling competitions; its sharply banked turns allow competitors to reach high speeds.

swimming pool click to hear : swimming pool

Man-made basin designed for swimming.

diving well click to hear : diving well

Man-made basin designed for diving.

swimming stadium click to hear : swimming stadium

Facility that features pools designed for aquatic activities such as swimming, diving and water polo and ancillary amenities such as lockers and exercise rooms.

sports hall click to hear : sports hall

Very large structure and installations that are used mainly for indoor sporting events.

gymnasium click to hear : gymnasium

Hall for practicing indoor sports.

throwing and jumping area click to hear : throwing and jumping area

Area designed to hold throwing (discus, hammer, javelin) and jumping (high jump, long jump, triple jump, pole vault) competitions.

athletic track click to hear : athletic track

Oval circuit designed to hold races such as sprints, hurdles and relays.

stadium click to hear : stadium

Large building that is covered or uncovered and surrounded by grandstands; it contains a field used for athletic events.

training area click to hear : training area

Zone where athletes prepare for sports competitions by doing various exercises.