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library click to hear : library

Room where items such as books, periodicals and audio materials are classified for consultation or loan.
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service entrance technical services reference books attendant’s desk monograph section reading room auditorium children’s books children’s section map library microfilm reader microfilm room librarian’s office director’s office reference room online catalogue photocopier listening posts sound library videotape library viewing room acquisition rack book truck book return desk periodicals rack periodicals room circulation desk information desk security guard’s office main entrance toilets

service entrance click to hear : service entrance

Entrance area used for unloading freight.

technical services click to hear : technical services

Staff area where activities such as acquisitions, cataloging, the physical preparation of documents and collections development are carried out.

reference books click to hear : reference books

Bookcases for shelving reference books such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and bibliographies.

attendant’s desk click to hear : attendant’s desk

Attendant: individual who ensures that the rules of the reading room are respected.

monograph section click to hear : monograph section

Bookcases used to arrange works of nonfiction and fiction.

reading room click to hear : reading room

Area used for reading and consulting documents.

auditorium click to hear : auditorium

Hall designed for the public to attend lectures and audiovisual presentations.

children’s books click to hear : children’s books

children’s section click to hear : children’s section

Room that houses children’s books for consultation and loan.

map library click to hear : map library

Room used to store and classify geographic and geospatial maps as well as digital materials.

microfilm reader click to hear : microfilm reader

Device that magnifies the text reproduced on film.

microfilm room click to hear : microfilm room

Room used to consult documents reproduced on film; they are archived this way to save space.

librarian’s office click to hear : librarian’s office

The librarian is responsible for the administration of the library and the development, organization and management of its collection.

director’s office click to hear : director’s office

reference room click to hear : reference room

Area for consulting reference books.

online catalogue click to hear : online catalogue

Computer used to consult the complete holdings of a library using various indexes.

photocopier click to hear : photocopier

Equipment fitted with a photographic device, which reproduces written texts and images.

listening posts click to hear : listening posts

Individual compartments used to listen to audio materials.

sound library click to hear : sound library

Room where audio materials such as cassettes and compact discs are stored and classified.

videotape library click to hear : videotape library

Room where audiovisual materials such as videocassettes and DVDs are stored and classified.

viewing room click to hear : viewing room

Room equipped for consulting audiovisual materials.

acquisition rack click to hear : acquisition rack

Rack used to display recent acquisitions.

book truck click to hear : book truck

Table on wheels used to move books.

book return desk click to hear : book return desk

Area where users return books borrowed from the library.

periodicals rack click to hear : periodicals rack

Rack used to display recent periodicals.

periodicals room click to hear : periodicals room

Room reserved for consulting newspapers and periodicals.

circulation desk click to hear : circulation desk

Place where users check out the books they borrow from the library.

information desk click to hear : information desk

Kiosk where users can obtain information on where to find books and on library services.

security guard’s office click to hear : security guard’s office

Security guard: individual responsible for supervision and security.

main entrance click to hear : main entrance

toilets click to hear : toilets

Premises designed to satisfy basic functions and equipped with toilets and sinks.