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shopping center click to hear : shopping center

Covered space that houses retail stores, one or more megastores and various services such as banks and restaurants.
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music store hairdressing salon perfume shop lingerie shop jewelry store leather goods shop do-it-yourself shop pet shop gift store toy store bar bowling alley movie theater smoke shop clothing store pharmacy restaurant bookstore travel agency photographer electronics store walkway unloading dock key cutting shop information booth pastry shop coffee shop fast-food restaurants sporting goods store shoe store post office toilets newspaper shop bench photo booth bank cash dispenser dry cleaner optician pay phone day-care center department store decorative articles store florist supermarket

music store click to hear : music store

Retail outlet that sells CDs and cassettes.

hairdressing salon click to hear : hairdressing salon

Retail outlet that specializes in hair care and styling.

perfume shop click to hear : perfume shop

Retail outlet that sells perfumes and beauty products.

lingerie shop click to hear : lingerie shop

Retail outlet that sells undergarments and sleepwear for women.

jewelry store click to hear : jewelry store

Retail outlet that sells articles made of precious metals and gems.

leather goods shop click to hear : leather goods shop

Retail outlet that sells items made of leather.

do-it-yourself shop click to hear : do-it-yourself shop

Retail outlet that sells the equipment and materials needed to renovate, install or fix things around the house.

pet shop click to hear : pet shop

Retail outlet that sells pets and pet supplies.

gift store click to hear : gift store

Retail outlet that sells items for giving such as dishes, decorative objects and toys.

toy store click to hear : toy store

Retail outlet that sells children’s toys and board games.

bar click to hear : bar

Area with a counter and tables where alcoholic drinks are sold.

bowling alley click to hear : bowling alley

Building designed for bowling.

movie theater click to hear : movie theater

Establishment with auditoriums used for projecting films.

smoke shop click to hear : smoke shop

Retail outlet that sells tobacco, cigarettes and smoking accessories.

clothing store click to hear : clothing store

Retail outlet that sells designer clothing that is less expensive than made-to-measure clothing.

restaurant click to hear : restaurant

Business establishment where meals are served for a fee.

bookstore click to hear : bookstore

Retail outlet that sells books.

travel agency click to hear : travel agency

Business that specializes in travel planning; the travel agency acts as an intermediary between the customer and the tour operator.

photographer click to hear : photographer

Retail outlet that provides photography and development services and sells cameras and accessories.

electronics store click to hear : electronics store

Retail outlet that sells electronic goods such as televisions, stereos and videocassette recorders.

walkway click to hear : walkway

Pedestrian concourse that provides access to stores on a level.

unloading dock click to hear : unloading dock

Installation for unloading and handling crates of merchandise.

key cutting shop click to hear : key cutting shop

Business that specializes in making and selling keys.

information booth click to hear : information booth

Kiosk where customers can obtain information on where to find stores and services in the shopping center.

pastry shop click to hear : pastry shop

Business that sells bread, pastries and other goods that are usually baked on-site.

coffee shop click to hear : coffee shop

Business establishment where beverages such as coffee and alcoholic drinks and light meals are served for a fee.

fast-food restaurants click to hear : fast-food restaurants

Business that serves rapidly prepared food at an affordable price.

sporting goods store click to hear : sporting goods store

Retail outlet that sells sports articles such as sportswear, equipment and accessories.

shoe store click to hear : shoe store

Retail outlet that sells footwear and related accessories.

post office click to hear : post office

Outlet where mail is processed and various postal services are offered to the public.

toilets click to hear : toilets

Premises designed to satisfy basic functions and equipped with toilets and sinks.

newspaper shop click to hear : newspaper shop

Retail outlet that sells newspapers and magazines.

bench click to hear : bench

Long narrow unupholstered seat with or without a back, seating several people.

photo booth click to hear : photo booth

Small booth equipped with an automated camera that takes fast-developing photographs.

bank click to hear : bank

Establishment that provides a variety of financial services.

cash dispenser click to hear : cash dispenser

Machine used to obtain money using a debit card.

dry cleaner click to hear : dry cleaner

Retail outlet that specializes in cleaning and pressing clothes.

optician click to hear : optician

Retail outlet that sells eyeglasses and contact lenses.

pay phone click to hear : pay phone

Telephone located in public places; it functions when coins or payment cards are inserted into the phone box.

day-care center click to hear : day-care center

Babysitting service provided while parents do their shopping.

department store click to hear : department store

Large store with sections (departments) for various product categories such as clothes, stationery and cosmetics.

decorative articles store click to hear : decorative articles store

Retail outlet that sells furniture and interior design accessories.

florist click to hear : florist

Retail outlet that sells flowers and ornamental plants.

supermarket click to hear : supermarket

Large self-service retail market that sells a variety of food and household products.